Monday, July 17, 2017


The young people I know have no experience of capitalism in the workplace. They have never participated in any kind of profit making venture and so have no idea how capitalism works in action. With so few small businesses left in the this country, the jobs most people must take are usually as cogs in some greater structure. They are far removed from the decision making process and so are ignorant of all the contributing factors to keeping a business afloat and making a profit.

You have to search far and wide to find any vestiges of a capitalism in America today. The workforce is composed of several different types of jobs. First, there are the government bureaucrats, who have no idea what a profit is. Their salaries are paid by plundering the working man, not by creating wealth, hence they view profit as another form of legalized robbery, which is what the government has become for all practical purposes.

Then there is the medical field, where the hands on people, the nurses, doctors, etc. often have very little understanding of or time to figure out how their hospital or medical office pays the bills. Besides, due to the heavy hand of government, they really can hardly practice true medicine on their patients, much less participate in a medical market that might teach them what patients feel works for them and what they don't respond to. It's all about what the government mandates. But, the government never cured anybody of anything.

The education and media fields are both dominated by large, static structures, where decisions are made far away from the actual scenes where the work is done. Dictates for classrooms come from bureaucrats and union officials who have no contact with the people they make rules for. Life in these institutions is all about trying to mesh the gears between ridiculous, unworkable mandates and real life. As might be expected, all innovation is crushed, as are many who are stuck in these misery factories.

Then there are the giant corporations and their nationwide shopping malls or worldwide standard brands for the basic products we use every day. Once again, probably 99% of employees in these giant corporation are nothing more than cogs in the huge machine, which is run by a few hot shots at the top. The result is that nobody gets any real experience with the decision making and the factors that contribute to success or failure, other than what their cog directly above them tells them.

Giant corporations and bureaucracies have infantilized an entire generation, turning them into powerless worker bees. Of course they fear capitalism. Capitalism is all about choice, decision making and learning from your failures and successes. This new generation has been denied all those valuable experiences to the point where they simply believe that the decisions of individuals don't matter. Theirs never have.

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