Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Pray for Charlie Gard

I'm really not the sentimental type. Science is where I'm comfortable, but science has no morals. Science can never tell us what is right or wrong.

Like most of people, I am completely unqualified to judge the science of baby Charlie Gard's condition, but I do know where there is life, there is hope. I also know that there are miracles. Even many doctors will tell you that.

Recently, I read a wonderful book about a miracle. It's by the lovely and completely healthy Michelle Wulfestieg, ALL WE HAVE IS TODAY. This young woman had a devastating stroke at age 11 due to a very rare condition in her brain where the veins were crossed causing a huge aneurysm to develop. After an incredibly painful operation, one part of the problem was fixed, but the surgery damaged part of her brain and she lost the use of her right arm and leg.

This did not slow down the athletic Michelle, who went on to be captain of her volleyball team. And she was a practicing Christian, attending a Christian college.

But she needed another, more dangerous operation, which was very risky, because of the damage that the surgery could do to her brain function. While it might cure her aneurysm, there was a high probability it would leave her a conscious human being locked in a body unable to respond in any way, no walking, talking, finger wiggling, and no volleyball, or ever getting out of bed.

That the remaining aneurysm would eventually burst and probably kill her was certain. However, she was a vibrant, happy young woman and decided to live the life she was allotted to the fullest. She opted not to get the operation, which doctors advised her had such a poor chance of success.

A young man fell in love with her, in spite of everything, and they were married, having a few years of happiness before the next, predicted to be fatal stroke sent her back to the hospital while she was still in her twenties.

The doctors performed the second surgery on her crossed veins with as little hope of success as before. The veins could be fixed, but the collateral brain damage would almost certainly doom her to a vegetative state or kill her.

After the operation, she remained completely unresponsive in a deep coma for over a week. The doctors told her husband and family, that, even should she come out of the coma, she would never walk or talk, have any mental capacity for language, or self knowledge, just a sort of human vegetable. The doctors scheduled her to be removed from life support, but her husband begged them to wait just a few more days. 

Her friends and family prayed and prayed. The result is quite evident at her website ALL WE HAVE IS TODAY. A completely cured and recovered Michelle. The doctors were thrilled to be proved wrong.

How and why was she able to beat the odds and recover so completely? All we can say is it was a miracle.

But science is about pushing into the unknown. Michelle's doctors did what they could and Michelle surprised everyone.

Michelle herself is a god given miracle. Perhaps her recovery was aided by the incredible powers of youth to heal, perhaps she had a unique genetic gift for healing, or perhaps it was the power of prayer; it certainly was the will of God that we have Michelle still with us.

Why not give God and Charlie a chance? If there are doctors and hospitals who say they can do something, why not let them try? Maybe Charlie will be one of those miracles. If not, at least everything that could be done was done and the result was the will of God, not the rules of socialism.

One of the good things you can say about God is that he is not an unresponsive, unfeeling bureaucracy. Like science, bureaucracies cannot tell us what is right or wrong, they can only follow the rules.

Pray for Charlie Gard, and pray for everyone caught in the mesh of uncaring bureaucrats who survive by passing the buck.

Every human life is precious. I often forget that immersed in the daily cares of life, so I'm doing some extra praying for little Charlie.

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