Sunday, July 2, 2017


Illinois is now not only a joke, but a junk bond. New Jersey can't pass a budget and had to shut down all services, parks etc, except police and emergency services, which can't be stopped. Connecticut is in a similar position, and Maine as well.

What the state legislatures have done to the residents of these states is unconscionable. The governments have lied to the public unions with their unaffordable promises, lied to the taxpayers, conned everyone, feathered their own beds, and in general done things that have financially sunk these states into destitution. 

Many people blame the residents of these states for voting into office such corrupt politicians. Perhaps, but the choice often seems to be between Frick and Frack. And none of the DRAMA QUEENS in the mainstream media paid attention to the real problems. They were all too busy being lens lice.

My cousin in Illinois: "Illinois, the state where our governors make your license plates."

A friend is trying to sell a house in NJ which they bought at the height of the housing bubble and have owned for 13 years without its ever reaching the price they paid for it so they can sell it without losing money and get out of what might be called a criminal enterprise, otherwise known as the state of New Jersey.

A friend in Connecticut who thought he had a million dollar property, now hoping to retire and, if he's lucky, get half a million, but first he had to spend $35,000 for asbestos clean up, then $30,000 for a new septic system, because of very strict environmental regulations, benefitting mostly the environment in some pocketbooks in Connecticut.

How does one escape home ownership bondage in such badly run states where all the UHaul trucks are going the other way?

If you can't trust your state government to at least remain solvent, where does that leave you? What redress do you have when your government destroys your property values?


Looks like you are up the proverbial #Sh**t's Creek without a paddle.

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