Monday, June 26, 2017


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Having worked in television behind the scenes and been privy to the thinking about what nighttime TV shows get picked up and the real story behind the haze of publicity, I am always reminded of the that old adage, "none are so blind as they that won't see." How sad to be Jeff Zucker, Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta or any of the people in the people at CNN or in the MSM, including all the mainstream magazines, the tabloids and television shows today. America passionately loves Trump and Melania, but the media guys are incapable of understanding or sharing what the public feels. Their own honest feelings are hate and disgust for the man who beat them.

Their entire lives and careers are the result of buying favors and "polishing the handles on the big brass doors" to get ahead. Consequently, they believe this is how everyone got where they are. They think they are fighting a rival, Trump, who has simply tried to use his popularity as cudgel to get into their private club of rich and famous powerbrokers. And they are going to use their usual methods to keep him in his place. That Trump or anyone could sincerely try to achieve good things by hard work and being smart and effective is a world they have never lived in and cannot even conceive of. It's not what they do or who they are. 

The whole Russia thing is simply business as usual for them. It's how they got where they are, peddling lies and smearing their rivals to the big shots in order to get ahead.

How very grateful I am to live in country where the large majority of people want to succeed by being good at what they do and want the pride and dignity that goes with their achievements. 

You have only to look at the nasty smirks on the faces of Stelter and Zucker to know that victory to them means a nasty, brutish crushing of their enemies and everyone who supported them. They strike me as mean spirited, cunning thugs, nothing more, and lacking any redeeming qualities. 

If CNN and the MSM only had a "brain, a heart or the nerve", they could get onboard the Trump train and make lots of money. But they have a blindness of the mind that is almost impossible to overcome.

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