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Watching Laura Loomer and Adam Gingrich talk about Laura storming the stage at the production of Julius Caesar at Shakespeare in the park, my exasperation level started rising when Laura said some people had accused her of doing what she did for publicity, but she said that wasn't her purpose. Then political operative Adam Gingrich weighed in saying that what she did was great, but only because Scalise had just been shot and some other reason which I can't remember. 

I had to respond.:

"Adam, Laura, STOP APOLOGIZING for yourselves. If you seized the stage to get publicity, that's great. Publicity is necessary to win and educate people about who we are. Adam you say this kind of thing can only done under special circumstances. Please! The right is always so prissy about their image. We should worry more about reaching people's hearts. Good, hardworking people in this country are suffering; we've got to make our case any way we can. Everything is against us, schools, colleges, and the media. We can't afford to be fussy. I can hardly convince my own son that there is any virtue in the Republican party. I need some help, we all do."

Are we so morally elevated, so holier than the Democrats, that we scorn pure publicity, as if it's not okay to do anything and everything to win the hearts and minds and educate the public as to who we are and what we stand for? Must we always act as if our cause should speak for itself? I think we're just out of practice. Actor Ronald Reagan had no trouble with publicity or appearing on stage and in movies, making the case for his kind of world view.

My advice: Get out there in the public square, get down and dirty, talk, tell your stories, make people laugh, make people cry and win their love for you, and their admiration because you've put your own heartfelt self on the line. There is no shame in publicizing and bringing attention to what you truly believe in. It isn't easy, you will fail and make a fool of yourself sometimes, but even that is a winning trait, because people know that you cared so much about them that you didn't let your vanity stand in the way of trying to inform them.

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