Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Laura Loomer, Julius Caesar, Assassinatin Porn Update

The Twitter action on Laura Loomer's storming the staged play of Julius Caesar at Shakespeare in the Park has been epic. 

Laura's interview points that I love:

This play is a bastardization of Shakespeare because it celebrates the assassination, and ignores the Hamlet like struggle of Brutus before and after he kills Caesar.

It's assassination Porn. Liberals are attending only to enjoy seeing a Trump lookalike get assassinated. 

Shakespeare himself says "These violent delights have violent ends."

I agree with her completely.

"Never Trumper" Ben Shapiro and his ilk, who as Loomer points out in her interview, want Trump gone just as much as Democrats do, opined that Loomer was wrong because people have paid to see this play.

Yes, he did miss the paying part because Shakespeare in the Park is and always has been free, performed in the open air, just line up to get a ticket. So no, nobody paid to see anybody. 

The truth is this production was deliberately provocative and inviting a response. They got more than they bargained for in the FABULOUS LAURA LOOMER.

Others on the left have pointed out there was a production of Caesar at the famous Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis starring a black actor.  “Julius Caesar resembled Barack Obama that time,” she said of the previous production. “They have a right to protest, but why weren’t they upset about the black man being killed on stage? Why wasn’t that problematic for them?” (New York Times)

But that's a spurious comparison. The actor playing Caesar in the current Central Park production was blatantly tricked out to look exactly like Donald Trump. The actor at the Guthrie was merely a black actor playing Julius Caesar, who BTW was murdered by another black actor playing Brutus. Was the Brutus in the current Central Park Production tricked out to look like Chuck Schumer? Or Obama? No, the current Brutus was just another nondescript actor. 

If the current production of Julius Caesar had really cared about the play's actual theme of how violence destroys the souls and honor of those who commit it, they would have had the killers of Caesar dressed in Antifa costumes and Brutus would have been tricked out like some prominent Democrat.

Loomer is entirely correct in labeling this disgusting production purely and simply "assassination porn." 

I stand with Laura Loomer. She is a very gutsy woman who woke the conscience of a nation. We who love Trump owe her a debt of gratitude for protecting the life of our great President.

My final point is to ask for someone who has the money to start a PATRIOTIC PLAYERS group to tour the nation with patriotic plays that showcase some of the untold, wonderful stories of great Americans from every walk of life in our long and fascinating history. Loomer also has proved that THEATER is a very effective way to raise the moral consciousness of an audience, to inform, and to move people to think new thoughts and feel new feelings. 

Update: Listening to Youtube with Bill Mitchell and Jack Posobiec who was by chance at the Loomer performance, supporting and filming her, and evidently there were some people dressed as Antifa in the play even some Trump adlibs allusion (which show the production itself had no respect for classical Shakespeare). My question is did we see Antifa and the Democrat Brutus fall on their swords, defeated by their own violence? I doubt it. Loomer and Posobiec are right. Assassination porn.

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