Friday, June 16, 2017


Shakespeare would be so happy to see real theater happen tonight at the Public Theater in Central Park when LAURA LOOMER got on stage and accused the crowd and production of glorifying assassination, specifically the assassination of Trump. We used to call it STREET THEATER. And it's the most exciting kind of theater, it challenges the audience to participate, and to respond. Live, exciting performance art happened at the Public tonight. (Someday I'll tell you about my street theater experiences. It's invigorating and scary) But Laura was really brave tonight in what she did getting up on stage and excoriating the audience for celebrating violence.

BRAVA LAURA LOOMER and BRAVO JACK POSOBIEC for showing the world that the denizens of Kekistan know how to play the theater game, too. 

THRILLING TO SEE THEATER DO WHAT IT WAS MEANT TO DO Raise the consciousness of the riotous groundlings!!! And boy did Laura and Jack do that!!!!

The left seems to think Shakespeare was celebrating the act of political assassination. No, Shakespeare was not a violent incendiary. In his day, violent incendiaries were drawn, quartered and had their entrails cut out and stuck in their mouths before their heads were cut off. So, no. his great and classic play Julius Caesar explored the consequences of human passions with a little more depth and breath of understanding than the ranting liberal thuggism on display at the Public. 

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