Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Shakespeare in the Park - Julius Caesar played as if 
Trump was Caesar

What a travesty, what a bunch of thugs calling themselves actors who have mounted a production of Shakespeare's JULIUS CEASAR for Shakespeare in the Park, in New York City's Central Park are.

I am hardly a Shakespeare scholar, but even a cursory reading of the play shows what agonies of conscience Brutus endures and how he fights his egotistical jealousy of Caesar's power, before he commits his dreadful act of stabbing Caesar. But the director and actors doing this production seem not to have understood the end of the play, where the power of Caesar's ghostly spirit is enough to defeat his murderers. Dead, Caesar has become a power without blood, which cannot be stabbed out of existence. With their violence, they have brought about the very thing their act of murder was meant to end. 

From the end of the play:

Cassius: Caesar, thou art reveng'd
Even with the sword that kill'd thee."

(Cassius has his servant run him through with the very sword he used to stab Caesar.)

Brutus: "O Julius Caesar, thou art mighty yet!

"Thy spirit walks abroad and turns our swords
in our own proper entrails."

(Brutus also runs on sword and kills himself.)

Both Cassius and Brutus participated in the murder of Caesar, but are defeated at the end of the play and fall on their swords, not heroes, but treasonous, treacherous, egotistical failures.

"It is a tragedy when a nobility that might have led only follows, when it consents to be used by envious men for their base purposes." This is a comment on the noble Brutus brought low and manipulated by those who envy Caesar. Brutus' wife, Portia also kills herself. (The Meaning of Shakespeare, Harold C. Goddard)

What kind of Tyrant is Trump?

Yes, Shakespeare, like all right thinking men, was against tyranny, but to portray President Trump as a tyrant merely because he has been elected president is curiously revealing. The tyrannies Liberals seem most offended by are not acts of tyranny, like taking money from hard working tax payers without their consent. No, what they hate and envy most about Trump is his popularity. That the American people love Trump better than they love Liberals is what their hungry egos, much like Brutus', cannot bear and must destroy or be destroyed by.

You cannot seize the love of the people by violence, you must earn it by good deeds, understanding, and honesty. Liberals have too much contempt for their fellow man to practice any of those virtues. As their nemesis Trump would say, "Sad."

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