Wednesday, May 24, 2017



Halloween Druid Human Sacrifice

The Lefties are all worked up in self-righteous high dudgeon, worrying that the Manchester child massacre will cause more Islamophobia. Putting aside how strange it is that they always feel more for the outsider than for their own, yes, they are quite correct, it will create Islamophobia, fear of Islam and fear of Muslims. People fear rattlesnakes because their bite is deadly. Fear is a normal response to danger. This is why Trump has gone to Saudi Arabia to help Muslims deal with a terrible problem besetting their faith at this time: radicalization that leads to barbarous acts.

Barbarity can be an effective strategy for awhile, but it always ends badly for those who practice it and those who are associated with it. The Romans made a point of wiping out the Druids for their barbarous practice of brutal human sacrifice, even though the Druids were sacrificing their own people. If anyone was going to be sacrificed, the Roman state would administer its rough justice and prescribe death in the circus arena.

Some Native Americans regularly practiced savagely barbarous acts on their enemies, men, women and children, only exacerbating the fear and prejudice against them and justifying, in the minds of many of their frightened neighbors, their harsh treatment. Fear often overrides reason, pity and justice.

You cannot expect people to make fine distinctions about this Druid, or that Muslim, when they are living in fear for their lives.

Yes, all Muslims, with the help of their liberal apologists, have allowed themselves to be branded as heinous, savage, barbarous murderers in the minds of all who have witnessed their continuing atrocities. You can call it Islamophobia or whatever you want, but when you hear a rattlesnake rattle its tail, you get out of the way or you kill it. Survival is a basic human instinct, which liberals seem to be curiously ignoring for reasons they are not willing to own up to.

(I seem to be on an intermittent hiatus. Will write when I can, which for the next few months won't be often.)

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