Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Baby Boomer

Our generation set a lot of people off ranting and raving because we trampled some of those old fashioned beliefs and customs. Well, gee whiz, I can't help thinking that what this country is supposed to be about. Didn't the Founding Fathers get rid of their king, overrule the aristocracy and decline to be good little colonists? That's the tradition we honored, the rebel tradition. This is a rambunctious country, and it was meant to be. Wasn't it?

I'm tired of all the pundits ad nauseam predicting doom due to something Boomers did or didn't do and being blamed for everything that's wrong in the world. This country is a work in progress, and far from finished. We've done about all the good or harm that we could. There's nothing left but to try to live with that. So, with the grey hair comes honesty, since at this point we have little left to lose before this creature we've been sporting around gets left behind. And apparently, if my dreams are to be believed, even when you've left that wild and crazy body behind, you go on doing things ... somewhere.

Now the Baby Boomer party is just about over. Nothing much left to do but find a good place to spend Happy Hour with a few fellow Boomers. It's time to sit back and hoist a few, swap some whoppers, chuckle and comment on the weather in that mild, old fashioned way we used to before weather became a political issue likely to lead to violence. We're graduates of the days of suits and ties and leather shoes, which are now as out of date as chastity belts. Be proud. We're Baby Boomers. We survived the largest population surge in the history of the world. When we were young, optimistic, energetic youth ruled and was an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Whatever they say about us, it's all true, and they don't know the half of it. The road from "Leave it to Beaver" to "Breaking Bad" was one bumpy ride, but it was an A ticket. Yes, it was.

But, I'm not writing an apologia for my generation, just the true story of two Boomers. "Second Sight" is the story of a journey that took me from my small town of Leonia, New Jersey, to New York, Hollywood, and finally all the way to the furthest reaches of the Milky Way before it was done with me. I grew up when the American Dream was vibrantly alive, when to be young was to be full of hope and possibilities. I met a man who had dreams, too, which we joined together to share.

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