Monday, February 6, 2017


Budweiser's anti-American Super Bowl ad

 I have arrived at a truism about the political parties over my many years of voting Republican and Democrat. The defining quality that a candidate for each party must have can be summed up as “Never an upright Democrat or a fallen Republican.”
Far left Democrats are people who function best with hierarchies. They like to know their place and want others to accept their place, without becoming upstarts. This is because they have weak egos and superegos which are threatened by anyone who may appear to be better than they are, which makes leveling effect of socialism very appealing. Therefore, their candidate must never on any account, seem to be morally superior to them. Hence, scandal and corruption in Democrat candidates is not only not a barrier to getting the Democrat vote, it’s a requirement for getting the far left vote. Even the slightest hint of superiority enrages them. This is why Democrats hate anything that is pro American. No one can ever claim to be better than anyone else, or a Democrat head explodes. What?!!! You think you’re better than a foreigner who eats from the trash, sells drugs, rapes women and kills children? No, you are better than no one, and especially not me!!!  Anyone who feels good about themselves is trying to be better than me, thus, being pro American is trying to be better than everybody who isn’t American. Verboten. It’s quite difficult to find a candidate debauched and debased enough not to be a threat to the Democrat left and yet who is also acceptable to the general population, but championing a true reprobate is their greatest joy and is the only thing that makes them feel good.
Far Right Republicans, on the other hand, don’t need hierarchies to protect their ego and superego. What they have are people they idolize who must be perfect and in perfect accord with a fixed set of ideals. However, their egos and superegos are so weak that at the slightest criticism of their idol, they instantly throw that person under the bus and find someone else to idolize. What supports their ego is their complete devotion to their ideals as personified in one person. I refer to their idols as little tin gods. Championing their little tin gods against all comers becomes their sole raison d’etre in life, as long as the tin god's image remains unsullied. Thus, finding a candidate who can pass the Republican sniff test is a mighty hard proposition. As we all know, perfect human beings are few and far between. Consequently, it has always been easy for Democrats to deliver a knock-out punch to Republicans by searching out some scandal to smear them with, sending the devoted flock into horrified dismay, disarray and flight. They tried this with Trump, of course, relentlessly, and I’m looking at you Rupert Murdoch, you dirty old man with your NY Post nude photos of Melania.
I’m amazed that so many Democrats were able to look at Trump without feeling the need to slap him down because he was more successful than they were, and saw him as a regular guy, who just happened to be richer than they are; and I am equally amazed that so many Republicans were able to view nude photos of a potential first lady and hear locker room braggadocio and not to disappear into the woodwork: Trump? Trump who? Never heard of such a person. We have turned a big psychological corner in our culture to have overcome the mental complexes of the left and the right. Bravo and Brava for us!!!!
Perhaps because my mother was second generation German and from St. Louis, I was particularly offended by the Budweiser commercial. Hey, Adolphus, if Germany was so freakin great, why did you come here? And furthermore, you came here and America made you rich. How dare you act as if this country was anything but welcoming and good to its legal immigrants!!! Never forget, Adolphus, Americans beat the pants off your freakin Kraut relatives twice, so just shut up your face. And I’m a Kraut, too, so I can call you that. Okay?

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