Sunday, February 5, 2017



How revealing that Robert Reich has accused Milo Yiannopolous of staging the Berkeley riots as a false flag operation. I’m almost afraid to write this post for fear the lefties will stop their insanity and try to use persuasion, instead of beating people up and smashing property. However, one Kristallnacht where the authorities merely look on as rioters violently assault designated scapegoats is already one too many. To the surprise of no one, but Reich, there is now evidence that points once again to arch villain Soros, who has funded one the groups who organized the riots to the tune of $50K.

However, Reich is right that violence, riots, obstruction of free speech, property destruction, and assault and battery only make the current administration stronger and more beloved by more and more of the nation. I will illustrate why from my own personal experience.

I attended the Trump rally in Lynden, WA. I stood online for three hours and sat waiting in eager anticipation of Trump’s arrival for several more hours. As the time passed and we in the crowd bonded, people would shout reports from the news on their iphones. “He’s landed!!!” Wild cheering!!! “They’ve stalled cars across the I-5.” Boos!! “They’ve chained themselves across the I-5 bridge!” Boos!!! And at last the loud and triumphant cry, “He’s on the Bay-Lyn Road!!!!!!!!!!! Wild, wild, frantic cheers! Once he was on the Bay-Lyn Road, we knew nothing could stop him. When we the crowd, who had gone through so much to show our support for our guy, at last saw that white SUV round the corner in approach to the stadium, as one we leaped to our feet and cheered our hearts out.

I will confess that now, every time I cross the Bay-Lyn road, I get a great big lump in my throat remembering the man who gave up every comfort that civilization can offer a human being to help the USA be a great country where dreams can come true again. Trump is going to make the USA a safe country for us ordinary Joes and Janes, where malcontents, violent anarchists, criminals, obstructionists, career politicians, greedy lawyers and their friends in Congress happily passing laws to keep their lawyer friends rich, the lying media, the greedy pundits, the war mongers and every other maggot that was feeding on the dying carcass of a once great nation is going to be outed and routed.  

No, no one but Soros and his ilk have to pay others to carry out their dirty deeds, but every battle they fight in their usual nasty, malicious, obstructionist, and violent fashion is an insult to all decent people and makes Trump stronger and more beloved. I have learned from Trump that in life you must stand up for yourself, and that change is much harder to accomplish by loving and persistent persuasion than by ugly, frightening and repulsive violence, but the victory achieved by virtuous means is all the sweeter and more indelible and gathers goodness to its cause. Whenever I lose heart and feel the forces of darkness are winning, I will always remember, “He’s on the Bay-Lyn Road!” and take courage.

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