Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Red, red wine, it makes me feel so fine

Around about this time of year, as I stare out my window at yet another snow storm which will cover my car in ice and snow that has to be dug out again, when it is so cold that if the battery turns over, it’s worth a thank you prayer to God, when my feet are cold, when it’s slippery as hell, when trying to get anywhere is risking your life, I never fail to be impressed that the Democrats managed to sell the idea of global warming as a VERY VERY BAD DANGEROUS PHENOMENON. I mean, come on, really?? Is there anyone anywhere in the world to whom the concept of endless summer doesn’t sound like paradise?

Nobody vacations in the Arctic, we go to the Caribbean or to Hawaii. We want to be with Bob Marley drinking red, red wine that makes us feel so fine, smoking ganja, sleeping in a hammock and listening to the gentle slap of warm tropical waters on sugar sand. I do. Don’t think I’ve ever met a single person who’d turn down a tropical vacation. Have you?

You really have to hand it to the Democrats. They are so good at scaring people and inspiring them to do things that contradict basic human instinct that I’m convinced they could make children hate ice cream, women give up jewelry, men learn to knit, and just about anything unpleasant and inhospitable, if they set their minds to it.

But let me tell you, though I’ll admit snow is darn pretty to look at, I’m happy with a few screen shots of Greenland, thank you very much. Bob, here I come. Fire up a doobie for me and let the reggae roll, man, get barefoot and be happy, the world is heading for endless summer. I can’t wait. If I leave my SUV engine running 24/7, can I make it come sooner?

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