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 At the Trump rally in Lynden, when I heard Trump say the media are ‘liars’, in that wonderful way he says the word ‘liars’, savoring every syllable, I’m embarrassed to confess something inside me recoiled. Such a blanket condemnation seemed excessive. Sure, I’ve known for decades that the media was biased, obsessed with whatever story furthered their agenda, and that they regarded the public they supposedly served with complete contempt, but out and out liars? Wasn’t that going too far? But I, of all people, should have known better, because I’d worked in the television industry for over forty years and knew it from the inside out. But, watching Trump’s campaign progress and the MSM, NeverTrumpers, Democrats and everyone in DC relentlessly smearing Trump and inventing totally false stories to make him into a monster, and watching Trump as he exposed every last one of their sly, cunning tricks, it sank in that calling them liars was no exaggeration; indeed, it was a very polite word for what they are.

Perhaps, because we are innately social animals, it takes a lot to believe the worst of your fellow man. I remember my husband, who was a paratrooper in the US Army before he became an actor, used to tell me that they had to train soldiers to absolute obedience, because it’s very hard to get a normal person to shoot to kill another person. It took Trump daily confronting the bad guys and revealing their lying fraud against the American public for me to finally mentally pull the trigger and eradicate the media’s power over my thinking.

 The MSM, Hollywood, and the rest of the liars are always talking about reflecting back at us something to make us better, but, as Trump has magnificently and amply demonstrated, what they were reflecting back at us was a lie that they wanted us to believe about ourselves as a populace. They wanted us to believe we were low class, mean-spirited, vulgar, racists, etc.; you know the list by heart, if you are a proud deplorable.

Inspired by the tremendous example of our great President Trump, (Oh, how I love to write that! President Trump!) I want to stand up against the dirty smear and fraud my own industry, Hollywood, has also perpetrated against the public and our American culture. My husband and I spent forty years making a living in television, so I have seen up close and personal in my checkbook how it works. Here is the accusation I level against Hollywood: it’s decadent and dying.

There is no low, crude, coarse, lewd, violent, or gruesome spectacle that Hollywood won’t resort to. They claim this is because, as Creepy Streepy says, you Trump voters are slobbering, deplorable World Wrestling fans. America is the unwashed masses who deserve the swill that Hollywood reflects back at them. They claim they have to fill our movie theaters with such depraved and decadent entertainment because that’s the only thing we will go to see. It’s what they have to do to make money, so it’s our fault. But the truth, yes, the truth, is that Hollywood isn’t making any money.

I spent forty years watching Hollywood studios grab at anything to bring the ticket buyers into the theaters: porn, never-ending car chases, endless shoot-em ups with piles of dead bodies, non-stop acrobatic stunts, fantastic computer effects and just about any gimmick they could dream up. Nothing worked. Today, movie attendance is at an all-time low and studios now only provide ten percent of the profits for their mammoth, corporate parent companies, which is an insignificant percentage, probably generated by local libraries buying DVD’s and a few pennies from Netflix. In other words, movies from today’s Hollywood make bupkiss. And publishing houses and television stations aren’t doing any better. (See Why Hollywood As We Know it Is Already Over, by Nick Bilton in Vanity Fair. )

Any normal human being would naturally assume that dwindling profits would have prompted them to offer something different. Instead, failure only served to increase their contempt for the audience. They can afford the luxury of arrogant contempt because they are financially supported by huge global corporations who only want some shiny new thing to fill production quotas.

Here are the excuses they offer for their lackluster performance: it’s the audience, it’s technology, it’s piracy, it’s the weather, it’s the election, it’s the economy, it’s Bush’s fault, it’s the Russians, it’s racism, sexism, blah, blah blah. Wrong. What comes out of Hollywood is the ever more putrid bile from Hollywood losers.

Okay, you say to me, how about the Kardashians? Doesn’t their popularity prove the debauched nature and low tastes of the middle class? Kim Kardashian is nothing but a reality star who seems to have no discernible talent other than a well-endowed physique, many husbands, a whole family of people with oversexed libidos, and lots of money from being famous for having lots of money, wickedly spent on every frivolous and immoral indulgence.

Well, at least on reality TV, the outcome is not the endlessly repeated for over thirty years foregone conclusion that Liberal is good; conservative is bad. That really is very, VERY stale and boring. So even the talentless Kardashian are way more interesting than another liberal admonishment to be just like us wonderful Liberals, even when that admonishment is dressed up as George Clooney or undressed up as Ashley Judd, neither of whom can open a picture, nor can any other “star” in Hollywood these days. Why does no one race to the movie theater to see any Hollywood star anymore? Because those ‘stars’ aren’t stars because the audience loves them and finds value in watching them, they’re ‘stars’ because Hollywood has chosen them.

Though I have never managed to catch their act, those Kardashians look as if they’ve got some zumpfh! Which is more than you say for Creepy Streepy, Looney Clooney or a lot of the #FakeStars in Hollywood. We all need a bit a zumpfh in our day and we certainly weren’t getting any from the broken records that kept repeating the joys of Liberalism, with their predigested plots and stereotypical characters. People desperately need something interesting and stimulating to take their minds off their worries, frustrations, disappointments and griefs, and some relief from life’s many problems and injustices.

Sadly, what Hollywood and the rest of the purveyors of Liberal culture are serving up to distract us is pure decadence, with a side order of sleaze. Decadent is the opposite of wholesome, thus it’s easy association with chocolate. The definition is decay, decline, self-indulgent, and morally corrupt. You know, like the Romans in the latter days of the Roman Empire. The rise of the Nazi’s in Italy and Germany was partly attributed to decadence. This theory was dramatized in the movie CABERET where the nightclub patrons are delighted by the cynicism and dirty jokes of the performers as contrasted with the purity of the peasants singing “Tomorrow Belongs to Us.”

Decadence is a morbid interest in irregular sexual practices, an inversion of normal standards of beauty and harmony, embracing the repulsive, and an obsession with freakish things and people, etc. Now, we all indulge in decadent tastes sometimes, with no ill effects, but when decadence becomes the pervasive culture, it seems to precede the fall of a nation.

Today’s Hollywood is a parade of decadence, because the fix is in, and what masquerades as a free market of ideas is in fact a setup, an illusion, where all the plunder has already been divided up among the elites and their globalist buddies. The audience is a powerless nullity whose input is neither required nor wanted.

The pervasiveness of our totally decadent culture is perfectly visible in humble supermarket checkout lanes, where even the nicer, more expensive, lady’s magazines constantly feature ever more unsavory articles. Nowadays, every cover tease promises strange sexual depravity and bizarrely freaky people and events. The degraded world of the Liberal malaise and decadence saturates our every waking moment. Our intellects are bombarded with tragic, bizarre tales of barbaric foreign cultures and homegrown, deranged and sickening subcultures. It is a world where sadistic men in primitive foreign countries sexually torture, molest and murder innocent children and adults of both sexes, or drug addicted, imprisoned, domestic murderers have sex and illegitimate offspring with their underage mentally disabled sisters; each publication frantically pursuing some new weirder, more depraved, freakish, licentious, tantalizing thrill to outdo each other. And sales continued to plummet in every venue of culture.

Let me state that I firmly believe that those sorts of stories do have their place and should be told, but why the unvarying and constant appeal solely to prurience? Face it, Hollywood, it’s not technology that has sunk you, it’s your lack of talent as artists. You are bored and boring. You offer no fresh variety of thought, no stimulating new designs for living, nothing inspiring, nothing amusing, nothing heartwarming, nothing emotionally touching or moving, no romance, just bawdy sex jokes, lewd sex scenes, trash and a fascination with freakishness, repulsiveness and weirdness, that is your constant, cynical refrain.

Decadence occurs when a culture is intellectually stuck, when the means of communication and change have become ossified, frozen, and unresponsive, when there are no new ideas to bemuse the human mind, so people are left to amuse themselves by satisfying their lower appetites, since no wholesome dish is anywhere in sight.

Yes, if my years in Hollywood taught me nothing else, it taught me that the fix was in. So, I shouldn’t have been so surprised when Trump called the MSM liars. Hollywood is also run by liars who are protected by global corporate power from facing the truth that when it comes to creating good, interesting, compelling movies, books, television and music, they have lied, cheated and faked their work for so long, they actually believe the audience is the problem, not their own sorry, useless selves.

I’m not saying there are no talented actors or artists in Hollywood, there are many, but they are constantly paraded before us in junk by the liars and frauds who run that town. I would like to close this piece by saying as loudly as possible, vociferously, vehemently with great passion WHERE THE F*** IS MORGAN FREEMAN’S KING LEAR? Come on! you rotten bastards and lazy cowards in your fancy offices snorting coke and shagging brainless honeys of many genders, challenge yourself for once, you owe us that, at the very least. But that will never happen because they aren’t up to the job.

Someone had to break the log jam, so our increasingly decadent society didn’t end up like the Romans or the Nazis, in the ash heap of history. We needed to draw breath, to make ourselves heard. We are not a country of haters, we are not smutty, debauched, drug and debt addicted losers. We still believe in ourselves and believe that there is something good in us, no matter how evil a picture Hollywood reflects back at us of who they think we are. If Trump is nothing else, he is a new idea that has shaken up all the hoary, cynical old powers that be. They are on the run. It’s our time to grow and change again. Spring is here. New shoots, new blooms, new life. God Bless us, everyone.

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