Thursday, January 19, 2017


Trump’s decision to run for president is the living personification of boldness and confidence. None of the people paid huge salaries to know what’s going on took him even slightly seriously. He was every MSM pundit’s joke.

I confess that I never would have dreamed that the confidence and experience of one individual could topple and completely rout the multitudinous and titanic worldwide edifices of power, money and influence as decisively and efficiently as Trump did. He defeated not only the trillion dollar global bankers, the Democrats and their buddies in the media, Hollywood and Universities, but the Republicans, who actually outspent Hillary in trying to bump him off their ballot.
I was a Republican until I watched Jeb Bush in action. Then I knew I’d been had by the faux conservatives for decades. All their rhetoric about entitlements were a lot of hooey. Jeb Bush oozed as great a sense of entitlement to wealth, power and position as Hillary, the only difference being that he was not so blatantly greedy.

Watching Trump defeat all the staggeringly powerful forces in the world arrayed against him and the threat he posed, I felt I understood a little better George Washington’s actions at Valley Forge. I have always marveled and wondered at his boldness in staging a raid in the dead of a punishing winter with ill-equipped, bare-footed, and starving men against vastly superior forces, trusting only to his strategy and his men’s mettle in battle. The freedom loving deplorables beat the highly trained, well financed, invincible Hessians. Trump, too, led his rag tag army of deplorables, tweeters, rally attendees, social media, door to door’s campaigners, and won. He recreated our nation.

What splendid generals and aide-de-camps were at Trump’s side. The sweetly courageous Kellyanne Conway, facing the jackals of the MSM, the stalwart Steve Bannon, energetic Rience Priebus, ever lovely Ivanka and Jared, cool and calm, open-hearted Melania, Eric and Donald, his father’s pride and joy, invaluable men at arms. What a victory! I never knew victory could be so sweet. It is sweetest when you are barefoot and starving in the cruel mid-winter on Christmas, which is what many of us in this country had been increasingly feeling.

“And gentlemen in America now a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon”
Trump’s election day. (Shakespeare’s Henry V St. Crispin’s Day speech, additional dialogue by Marcy)

Surely, Washington had faith in the creator, but just as important, he had faith that his creator had especially created him to make the most of his talents and believe in the truths life had taught him. I think the same must be true of Trump.

That one man took on the world because he knew he had a better way to do things and believed in himself puts Trump in a small and very exclusive class of individuals who have lived their purpose and gifts to the fullest and given their fellow man their best. Not only is this kind of self-actualization and confidence an inspiration and example to us all, it strengthens us as people and makes vital the muscularity of individual purpose. The express and perhaps most important purpose of our great, noble, and eloquent United States Constitution seems, at its most subtle, to be to give the chance and the means, and to constantly wrench the gates open to all the men and women in every field to achieve their greatness, no matter how big or small. Even the sparrows, yes Lord, but also the eagles.

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