Monday, January 30, 2017


Evil of me, but can't resist:

Ashton Kutcher proclaims himself a citizen of the world. Good idea since so much of your audience is in places where they don't speak English and are thus spared having to listen to your inane line readings, it's probably better you should be a citizen of the world. I suspect, like all those would be Canadian actors, you might find actual citizenship in another country not quite as easy to achieve as you imagine.

Emma Stone is proud to reflect back to society things that aren't scary and tricky, but seems unaware that a reflection that no one looks at is very like the sound of one hand clapping. No one notices.

I almost went to see HIDDEN FIGURES, but decided that it was just one more liberal lecture where everyone vehemently proclaims they'd all rather die of cholera than admit a white man ever did anything right that benefitted humanity.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus claims to be the daughter of an immigrant who fled Nazi occupied France. Okay, her parents had a hard time in life so we'll forgive them for dumping you on our doorstep. But the next time I send my grandfathers, fathers, aunts, uncles and cousins off to fight and possibly die because somebody in some dumb country got themselves in a big mess, I hope to get, if not gratitude, at least a little respect.

But, no good deed goes unpunished as they say. I didn't watch the awards. Watching actors who are not acting is dangerous to your IQ. You suddenly find yourself singing endless choruses of DUKE DUKE DUKE DUKE OF EARL EARL EARL EARL, I'm not sure why, but it always happens.

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