Thursday, December 22, 2016


Communism, fascism and so many religions and belief systems are so perversely and willfully joyless, and in fact absolutely and tyrannically forbid joy, that Christianity and Christmas stand out in stark contrast by comparison. Christmas is earthly joy of every kind celebrated in every way: generosity to friends and everyone you deal with, singing, rejoicing, feasting and being with family. Even the angels are filled with joy at the birth of Christ.

It took me years of therapy to be able to experience joy because I was always anxious, frustrated and angry. Once I understood myself better and learned to love and forgive myself and others, I begin to experience real joy. How wonderful it was for me to discover that the religion I'd been raised in worshipped a God who also wanted me and everyone to be joyful.

The real and innocent joy of life and joy at the birth of the child in the manger is part of my celebration of Christmas that I try to share with my family and friends.

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