Wednesday, December 28, 2016


The Satyr Marsyas being flayed alive by Apollo
because his talents challenged a god.
Truth to power of the artist
by Titian

Under pressure from his liberal masters, Andrea Bocelli has refused to perform for the Trump inauguration. Mark Steyn was talking about Bocelli and the Rockettes on the Rush Limbaugh show this morning opining that liberals were trying to delegitimize Trump but had delegitimized themselves. He’s right. But the truth is much uglier. The liberal media and academically sanctioned culture has delegitimized American culture itself.
The most important qualification for success as an actor, musician, performer, writer, director of any kind in Liberal Kulture is that they be certifiably free of talent and show absolutely no discernible inclination whatsoever to develop any. This must be understood by all conservatives from the past and all future Americans. All real artists have been condemned to the liberal gulag.
Complete lack of talent is the first and most important qualification for any artist that the Liberal masters will support, because any scintilla of talent is liable to arouse a true feeling or thought in an audience, and that is anathema to Liberal Kulture czars. The “common herd” must learn to feel only what Liberals want them to feel and think only what Liberals want them to think.
I am not saying that Bocelli hasn’t got a certain very pleasing facility in his vocal accomplishments. He is certainly skilled and it’s a pleasure to hear him. He’s mildly entertaining and wouldn’t detract too much from the scenery at an event like an inauguration, but he’d never upstage a Donald Trump. He’s a small loss. Surely if Trump really looks he can find someone whose talents will actually enhance the event.
But to understand my point you have only to compare him to the true talent of a Pavarotti, whose voice and the feelings he used that voice to convey cut a path to the human soul and ennobled anyone who could listen. He challenged his listeners to feel life as deeply, as powerfully, as delicately, as subtly, oh for heavens’ sake I could go on forever about Pavarotti, but there it is. PBS needed Pavarotti, he never needed them. He donated his talent to them because he knew a gift like his was from God and meant for all mankind.
Real music lovers would have mortgaged their homes, walked across deserts, swum the English Channel to hear him sing one verse of Nessum Dorma. Why? Because if you loved music, opera and the human voice, his singing filled you with ecstasy of the kind described by Teressa of Avila in her vision: “the sweetness of this intense pain is so extreme, there is no wanting it to end, and the soul isn’t satisfied with anything less than God.” Yeah. I heard him sing and he was that good. You never really recover from hearing Pavarotti if opera is your thing.
Here’s what Vaclav Havel, (the famous dissident playwright/president of the Czech republic jailed by the Soviets when they put an end to the Prague Spring) has to say about the importance of culture to society. “The main instrument of society’s self-knowledge is its culture… It is culture that enables a society to enlarge its liberty and to discover truth.” Liberal censored culture is careful “not to excite people with the truth, but to reassure them with lies… the aesthetics of banality.” “Hamiliton”, Rockettes, Bocelli and Meryl Streep, I’m looking at you.
Havel on liberal induced culture and their power: “it’s a power that sees society as an obedient herd whose duty is to be permanently grateful that it has what it has.”
How important is a belief in the value of art to Western Civilization? Here I make reference to Kenneth Clark’s wonderful BBC series on Civilization. In that series, he speaks of the Abbey Church of Saint Denis in France and Abbot Sugar’s views as he lavishly remodeled the Twelfth Century Gothic Cathedral. Abbot Sugar wrote that “the dull mind rises to truth through that which is material.” This is the first time that the value of art to Western Civilization had ever been written down and acted upon. It is the belief that, as Lord Clark states it, “we can only understand the absolute beauty which is God through the effects of precious and beautiful things on our senses.” God and art are inextricably joined in Western Civilization and fundamental to its survival. Christianity provides the religious and philosophical foundation for the value of all art to humanity. Thus, the suppression of art is agnostic in intent and effect.
My old buddy Vaclav sums up how I feel about Trump’s election perfectly when he says: “But chiefly, I suppose, it was the exciting realization that there are still people among us who assume the existential responsibility for their own truth and are willing to pay a high price for it.” The Rockettes, Bocelli and all Liberal approved culture are nothing but cheap thrills.

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