Wednesday, November 9, 2016


After spending thirty years in show biz, and doing a hard ten in Hollywood itself, the word schadenfreude is exactly what I'm feeling today, only that's too intellectual and too mild a word. Sweet revenge, divine justice, and the thrill of seeing the LaLa land bullies get their noses bloodied comes closer to the emotions welling up inside me.

“What the cool kids are upset about is that someone they don’t like and someone who is not part of the cool kids won."said an anonymous Hollywood agent in a piece in the Hollywood Reporter today. (Hollywood Reporter)

Well, sort of. Except Hollywood's rude shock was realizing they aren't the cool kids. No, there they were strutting their stuff in million dollar ads, all dressed up in their ridiculous costumes, trying way too hard to be cool for Hillary, only to discover they were the total rejects, the gross outs, the ones everyone who is cool avoids, tries not to see and is embarrassed by and for. In one terrible night, it was patently obvious to the entire global audience that Hollywood stars were creepy, pathetic losers, the opposite of cool. 


"Ads don’t work, polls don’t work, celebrities don’t work, media endorsements don’t work, ground games don’t work." (Hollywood Reporter)

Nothing cool at all about desperate losers. NOTHING.

"Truly, really, a new voice had spoken — but in a pitch so high and a language so obscure that none of us in the media picked it up." (Hollywood Reporter - Michael Wolff)

Yes, the pitch was too high for the lowlifes of Hollywood, and the voice too pure. The language was obscure to media moguls because it was the language of the human heart, that very special organ they are lacking. The yes men, sycophants and shills who pretend to create culture would need a grain of humanity to speak from the heart.

Thank God for Donald Trump and his family. The media slimed them with every insult they could think of, but what they missed was that the man is all heart. Not a fake plastic saint like Hillary, but a real, flawed, very human man who leads from his heart, but also uses his brain.

So Hollywood flatlined and is on the meat wagon to its eternal rest.     

Donald Trump's victory is very sweet for me personally. It is gratifying to see so many dimwitted fat heads get found out. Time for new blood in the entertainment world.

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