Thursday, October 20, 2016


Last night when the debate was beginning, Wallace cautioned the audience not to react. Now, having trod the boards a few times myself, I wondered why do they debate in front of an audience, if they don't want the audience to react? What is a debate or a theater without an audience reaction? It's pointless, that's what it is. And boring.

Now, of course, Wallace said that because there are always a few in the audience who will try to shout the debaters or players down. These are the 'riotous groundlings', as they were called in Shakespeare's day. The fellows in the cheap seats. Well, I say bring on the riotous groundlings and let 'em have at it. Didn't do Shakespeare any harm. And we like to know what an audience feels. It's all part of the experience. An audience teaches you when to laugh and to cry. Grow up television, join the world of the living.

When you tune out your audience, you lose touch with reality, otherwise known as the truth.

TV has relegated the audience to an afterthought. They sweeten the sound track with fake laughter and applause. No audience necessary. Say whatever makes your friends feel good and stay in power, but do it SECRETLY and LIE. You can get away with it because you've turned off the booing from the riotous groundlings that would tell you they know you're full of **it. 

And then it's over as the Tweet below says, it'll be years before the media shows a pulse again.

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