Monday, October 31, 2016


 On Friday, October 28, Comey faced the famous priest in “The Exorcist” who holds the cross and thunders “The power of Christ compels you!” When the devil was chased out of Comey’s body, he discovered he wasn’t one tenth the man he thought he was. But the power of Christ compelled Comey to do the right thing. The mere man who had been chosen by his fellow men to represent Justice in the greatest Western nation on earth, a nation whose ideals are not merely following the letter of the law, but JUSTICE as a sacred gift of God to mankind, that man became an instrument of God. What he did was nothingburger, but it was everything he could do. When the going got tough, he'd folded like a cheap suit. Comey is nobody’s idea of hero, but he’ll do.
He’d given the filthiest, most deceitful, most corrupt candidate since Caligula a clean bill of health. His vain hope must have been that the electorate would save him, because he very certainly knew what he was facing if he came out against her and she won. He’d lose everything and might even be Vince Fostered.
Comey tried to fudge it, tried to say she did wrong, but didn’t break the law. He parsed, he squirmed, he tried to have it both ways. His conscience reassured him it was above his pay grade to save the nation from the devil who possessed them. It took him from July till the eleventh hour before the election to face the boogey woman and do the right thing. The power of Christ compelled him. Praise God!

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