Thursday, May 26, 2016


This is such a great movie, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Only a truly great actor like Paul Muni could adequately bring to life the brilliance, intelligence, courage, determination and deeply moving humanity, humility and compassion of Louis Pasteur, the chemist who discovered microscopic bacteria and put an end to all the suffering and death that had always and literally plagued mankind. My son watched this and was astounded at the difficult fight Pasteur had to convince doctors that they themselves were killing their patients by carrying disease from one to another without washing their hands or cleaning their aprons. The movie has it all, drama, danger, humor and most of all you understand why it was so hard for intelligent scientists to accept a new idea. But above all this is a very entertaining and inspiring story because it is so well told and based on the real man.

Although it's now published by a French company, it plays on a regular DVD and is fully in English, because it was originally a Hollywood classic film.

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