Thursday, May 19, 2016


I had the great good luck to see the original Broadway production of The Sound of Music with Mary Martin, and let me tell you that woman could stop a show with her voice and emotion. I also love the movie with Julie Andrews.

Not long ago I purchased the original book by Maria Augusta Trapp, her original memoir on which the musical was based. Although the story is somewhat different, it still captures the magic of the stage production. But the book is also wonderful on its own. What a story! What the Trapp family went through escaping from Austria and trying to pay their bills by singing in the USA. They arrived for their first cross country singing tour with eight children, Maria pregnant with the ninth and four dollars in their pocket. They had to go back and forth to Europe several times due to visa problems, but this was difficult because World War Two was starting and many European countries were eventually closed off due to fighting.

They travelled in buses, then two large autos until gasoline was rationed and they had to beg gas to get back to their home in Philadelphia from Colorado. Just when you think things can't get worse, they buy a farm in Vermont and their roof blows off. They are registered as enemy aliens, but their two sons are drafted into the Army. They lose their tenors and must revise their whole program of motets and multi part harmony or starve and lose the farm. War rationing keeps them from fixing their farm. Really, Job in the bible has nothing on them.

More pictures and story at Mashable

But Maria is such an inspiring person. Always seeing God's will in the things that happen to them. And it does seem to be true that when something awful happens, it turns out to actually be something that leads to something very good.

This is an exciting memoir and a romantic one. Loved it.

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