Sunday, May 29, 2016


Julian of Norwich

This excerpt is from a book called A LITTLE DAILY WISDOM Christian Women Mystics, translated and pieces chosen by Carmen Acevedo Butcher.

The May 28 entry of daily wisdom about anger is a favorite of mine, having been the daughter of a redheaded father with the well known Irish temper, not that he ever struck anyone in anger. But, for instance, infuriated with me during my teen years, he once threw a china teapot out the window, breaking both window and teapot, and loudly blamed me. Even then I knew he was absolutely just in blaming me. I had been horrible. Poor man later came up to my room and apologized. May 28th was his birthday. But having had a father like that, and an Irish temper of my own, I knew that God could not be angry at us. Even my hot headed father knew his anger was wrong.

This quote is a translation from a Julian of Norwich's REVELATIONS OF DIVINE LOVE about her visions from God when she nearly died. It was written in the Fourteenth Century. She was a Christian mystic and theologian.

"Our good Lord, the Holy Spirit -- endless life dwelling in our souls  -- always protects us and gives us peace. Through grace, God's Spirit brings each soul to tranquility and makes it obedient and reconciles it to God. Our good Lord constantly leads us on this path of mercy while we're in this unpredictable life.

"In my vision I saw no anger except on humanity's side, and God forgives us that, for anger is nothing else but an irrationality and our antagonism to peace and love. It comes from a lack of power or a lack of wisdom or a lack of goodness, and this lack is not in God. It is on our side, because -- through sin and dejection -- we have in us an anger and a constant opposition to peace and love.

"In God's lovely look of compassion and sympathy, He revealed this truth often because the foundation of mercy is love, and the business of mercy is protect us in love. This was revealed to me in such a way that I could perceive nothing about the qualities of mercy outside of the fact that it is all love in love."

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