Friday, January 16, 2015

Elon Musk and AI - Artificial Intelligence

Heard this morning that Elon Musk, who I had previously thought was either a rock band or a new perfume--so much for my perfectly naturally acquired intelligence--but find out now, has something to do with a car named Tesla, and computer programs, or some such tech stuff, has received a grant from some benighted government or think tank to devise a way to protect humans from Artificial Intelligence. And here I am still on my knees grateful to computers for bestowing on me the very artificial gift of perfect spelling. However, computer grammar skills alone should lessen Mr. Musk's fears of AI. Any sort of grammatical complexity in a sentence produces the most hilarious results on a computer. Perhaps, however, given Mr. Musk's meteoric tech career, he has not had time to attempt to express complex thoughts in words, rather than numbers.

But I will issue to Mr. Musk my computer challenge. A computer will be an impressive achievement when, and only when, it can do the following, without failing in any of its scheduled tasks: it can shoot off a tiny, almost microscopic software chip, which is capable of falling anywhere on any ground, even rocky ground, or underwater, or where the air is thin, or in a terrible rainstorms, or droughts; then this tiny chip must begin to set itself up as a manufacturer of a new computer, using only sunlight and dirt, grow an entirely new computer, which can do everything the old computer can, include beget new computers, and all while performing its usual tasks,of say, providing nourishment for some creature, stabilizing the soil, breaking down the rock layer, controlling erosion, and quite often creating a very attractive flower, in addition to everything else.

In other words, when computers can do what the most ordinary weed that populates the roadside does everyday, reproduce itself from materials available, then I will be impressed.

Mr. Musk, I'd like to hear your answer to that pretty neat trick of natural intelligence.

Here is an example of a Word grammar suggestion.

My sentence: That Christmas, the Milli's very kindly invite me to share Christmas with them.

Word with an underline indicates a better choice. 1. That Christmas, the Milli's very kindly inviting me to share Christmas with them.

But, this is by far my favorite. 2.That Christmas, the Milli does very kindly invite me to share Christmas with them.

Yes, the Milli does darn kindly invite me. Still laughing. Happens all the time. Fear not the AI, or maybe be terrified that it will rub you out as a grammar mistake.

More grammar humor thanks to Word.

My sentence: Tom, raised a Catholic, had much in common with his friend.

Word suggests: Tom, rose a Catholic, had much in common with his friend.

Word's attempts at grammar are so suggestively funny. Tom, rose a Catholic, daisy a Protestant, loved flowers. Tom, rose a Catholic, but found he'd rather sit down a skeptic.