Friday, November 14, 2014

FROZEN - Teens Getting Their Act Together

Loved this movie. I love good animated films, and this one is superb. It's a feast for the eyes. It's so gorgeous to watch that for that alone you shouldn't miss it. And the characters are the best puppet people you have ever seen. They seem alive in a new and wonderful way that is utterly charming.

The theme is that the over sensitive Princess Elsa with the Ice Curse, who freezes people when she feels too much, as in gets too emotional, (and haven't we all known people like that, male and female, who walk into a room and make everyone uncomfortable?) is saved by her sister, Anna, who is too free wheeling and easy. Anna's eager to please gullibility gets Princess Elsa and their kingdom into trouble when she decides to marry a man she's known only for an hour, causing her sister to be so upset she freezes the whole kingdom in permanent winter.

Elsa, The Snow Queen, hides herself away in an ice castle of her own making and suddenly is free to be herself, which is a lovely, Swedishy, emphasis on the dishy, type blonde who sings fabulously and has a smashing figure. But she can only be this free because she's alone and can't hurt anybody with her ice curse. And boy, if she ever got over the ice curse, this is a dame who could do a lot of damage to the male population, you know, have them tripping over their tongues etc. And I'm politically incorrect enough to think Va Va Va Voom is a sensational thing to have. Nice work if you can get it, as they say.

But her plucky and cute sister, Anna, has to get Elsa to stop the 'I want to be alone in my icy castle' kick, because the people in the kingdom are freezing in the permanent winter. The plot is a little foggy here for me. Anna, the plucky sister, gets helped by Kristoff, who is humble, a wonderful quality which she later learns to appreciate, then she is wounded by the Ice Monster, because Elsa doesn't know how to get rid of the ice curse. To be saved from the ice curse, Anna's true love must kiss her. Good, all good in my book. And it's not the one hour matrimony guy, but long suffering Kristoff who turns out to be the guy.

But Elsa has come back. The one hour matrimony guy is trying to kill Elsa, and Plucky Anna saves her dying sister, but is frozen herself. Then her sister's love brings her back to life. And Gorgeous Elsa stays pretty and Plucky Anna gets Kristoff, and everyone lives happily ever after, with winter presumably arriving only once a year.

So here's my takeaway: the two sides of the developing adolescent identity crisis are reconciled to each other; the outgoing, overly eager to please side, and the self absorbed, narcissistic side each become strong enough to listen to each other.The doors of love and acceptance open and promise a happy future of balanced response to the world. And all this good psychological stuff is satisfying good fun, too.Yeah!

It's a lotsa fun movie with heart, laughter and great artwork. And this wonderful movie has delightful singable music!!!

Now, this has been just an enormously popular movie worldwide. The grosses are the stuff of the wildest Hollywood fantasy. And it's really pro femininity and plucky girls and love. And guess what? Good old fashioned values have world wide bling appeal. I keep waiting for someone to trumpet the news that it's still true that A PRETTY GIRL IS LIKE A MELODY, just like in 1919, thank you Irving Berlin. Some things never change.

So why is everyone on the right and left getting all exercised over Lena Dunham? I'll tell you why, because she takes her clothes off. It's the soft core porn thing, you know, stripping, sexually molesting her sister, being aggressively repulsive. She's not an intellectual, she's an exhibitionist freak. And she can get away with it, because she's rich. The rich really are different from you and me, they can walk around naked and not get arrested. So get over the Lena deal, girls are doing fine. Pretty Elsa and Plucky Anna keep their clothes on and both know how to be real girls, unlike Lena. Actually, Lena should have a martini and watch this movie, it might just save her.