Friday, March 11, 2011


Jean Harlow and Clark Gable
An Always Fashionable Pair

I've added links to two Revamp vintage clothes sites because seeing them reminded me how important costumes are in A ROGUE, A PIRATE AND A DRY MARTINI. It's only when our heroine does her face Thirties style, with dark lips and arched brows, and slips into a svelte Thirties evening gown that her adventures begin. By the end of the story, her new clothes are part of the provocative, daring, dishy fun of being a real live Thirties Dame. The faded ripped jeans and tee shirts are chic and comfortable, but don't add much to her VaVhoom factor, and she happily doffs them for chic chiffon with matching hat. 

I love old style clothes, always have. The dress on the book cover was bought in a fabulous boutique in Greenwich Village called COUNTDOWN. I still have it and still love it. Simple, elegant and very sexy.

Fashion is essential to human society. There has never been a lost tribe of aborigines anywhere that didn't have a fashion of dressing, however scanty or odd. 

Jean Harlow showing us how to do it

Style does literally embody an era. Fashion today seems to me to come in two versions.

The Street Version I call 'Il Vagabond'; jeans that are indestructible for any wild activity or environment, worn with loose, gaily decorated delicately feminine blouses on top, and the most deliriously impractical shoes possible. Vagabonds.

Version two: Post modern modernist fashion girl. This falls into the category of 'please God don't let me be normal' style. It's full of typical style genres, but all askew with no ornamentation in an effort to make the look seem fresh and not hackneyed.

I'm all for bringing back the naughty dressing up like a girl for maximum boy attention. Girls today take their clothes off energetically with heedless abandon, but put them back on like they're having a nervous breakdown.

Try a trip to an era more secure and articulate when it came to dressing. Be Ginger and swirl around for a day like a screwball. Vive La Difference!