Sunday, January 2, 2011



I love New Year's Eve. Its wild and joyous revelry is the perfect antidote to the deeply spiritual, earthy warmth of Christmas. I'm a big fan of glitz, slick, satin and silk. The tuxedo is to my mind the most perfect fashion invention, ever. For men, absolute heaven; every man's looks and cool are infinitely upgraded to divine by a tux. Leaves me breathless, always. For women, chic, elegant and sporty sexy. A woman in a tux always looks right anywhere. So for me, a holiday that includes a tux, champagne, dancing, music, with auld lang syne for our lost past and friends and exuberant good wishes for the new year always followed by a big LONG PASSIONATE KISS has no downside...until the New Year's Day hangover. But that is so easily cured by Eggs Benedict and plenty of water, with the scent of your perfume and his cologne still lingering and the urge to laughter still fresh, that New Year's day is holiday in itself.

I rest my case - Tuxedo magic

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