Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heathcliff's Vagina

I have never seen The V***** Monologues performed. I'm sure it's wonderful, but the gynecological approach to love and even to sex is not for me. I'm a romantic. When I read Wuthering Heights, I identify with Heathcliff and his passionate, death defying love. So for me right from the start the vagina has nothing to do with it. I like to think Emily Bronte and I share that. But I confess, I have laughed at Heathcliff and myself for being so overly dramatic. A Rogue, A Pirate, and A Dry Martini is me laughing at myself and my romantic notions and yet acknowledging that it is passion that persuades the world to be better.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am beyond thrilled with my two new reviews on Amazon. Both women enjoyed  everything I'd hoped my readers would. 

I think Top 500  reviewer Ms. 'Drebbles' summed it up very well when she says  "A Rogue, A Pirate, and a Dry Martini" is a love story, not only between two people but for old-time movies." 

If you're interested in reading the reviews, click on the book cover to go to Amazon. Like most writers, I write to share a piece of my world that I hope will be an enjoyable addition to your world.