Friday, June 23, 2017


Poor, old, aging heartthrob Johnny Depp hazarding remarks hinting at John Wilkes Booth and the assassination of a president clearly has completely lost his ever loving mind. He will be the first person in the history of the world to try to turn John Wilkes Booth into a hero for killing one of the greatest men who ever lived and bringing an era of unnecessary suffering to a nation that was already suffering. And yes, Booth was an actor. (But so were Reagan and John Wayne, so not all actors are certifiable.) I guess Johnny Depp has a very advanced case of what we used to call Hollywood Brain Dead syndrome.  

Hollywood Brain Dead is a condition that New York actors arriving in Tinsel Town coined to account for what happened to our friends who'd worked there for awhile. Actors who'd previously been able to hold a sensible conversation and have a normal perspective on life, suddenly morphed into incessant babblers. Given the slightest pause in the conversation, they'd breathlessly chatter on and on about what Hollywood bigshot had spoken to them, what a great audition they'd just done with so and so, or what in crowd parties they'd been invited to. They lost all sense that there was a big world out there of which Hollywood was only one small part. It was scary to be around anyone who'd spent too much time in Hollywood, they were never the same fun person they used to be, and worse, they seemed unaware of that they were acting so strangely.

Johnny Depp, who used to be a nice person, and I can attest to that because we knew him when he was doing 21 Jump Street. Back then, he was a dedicated actor, hardworking, no big ego, and nice to everyone. He was not one of those prancing, preening actors always holding up production to walk their dog or finish a phone call, while others sweated the waste of time and budget, like so many other actors out there. He was a good guy and a very good actor, as many of his early performances show.

How does this happen to someone? It's the result of how Hollywood is run. Casting is based solely on how hot the person with the power is for you. The love interest gets any role, any slight bump, their mentor can give them. It's all about who's boffing who and who would like to be boffing who. Of course, casting your love interest is extremely common in show business, and many businesses. It's funny and scary to see the Comey and Mueller love in and realize the FBI seems to be run the same way as Hollywood. But back in those innocent days, when we Americans thought we lived in a meritocracy, Tom and I were shocked that those type of shenanigans happened all the way up at the network level in the casting of a major roles in nighttime television productions. We had expected the networks to be run in a more businesslike fashion, which would have meant casting the actor who was best at playing the role so the show would be a hit and make the network some money.

Well, no. Hollywood (and perhaps Washington, DC, too) is run as a sort of Byzantine spoils system. The spoils are divided up among those who are in control and those whom they are tentatively considering inviting into their very small, exclusive club. Hollywood is a little rabbit warren of fiefdoms which are constantly at war with each other. Talent, popularity and all those things that matter to the audience meant nothing to the people controlling the purse strings. Of necessity, their views were very short sighted. They wanted to have their job tomorrow, and the most reliable way to keep that job was to curry favor with the higher ups, as opposed to pursuing the chancy proposition of putting together a successful show. Far better "to polish up the handles on the big brass doors."

I can speak from firsthand experience, watching many good friends turn into self-obsessed nut jobs, when I say that living and working in a system like that completely destroys a person's moral fiber, their common sense, their sense of proportion, their sense of humor and turns them Hollywood Brain Dead, kind of Walking Dead Zombies. Sadly, Johnny Depp seems to have suffered that fate.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017



Watching Laura Loomer and Adam Gingrich talk about Laura storming the stage at the production of Julius Caesar at Shakespeare in the park, my exasperation level started rising when Laura said some people had accused her of doing what she did for publicity, but she said that wasn't her purpose. Then political operative Adam Gingrich weighed in saying that what she did was great, but only because Scalise had just been shot and some other reason which I can't remember. 

I had to respond.:

"Adam, Laura, STOP APOLOGIZING for yourselves. If you seized the stage to get publicity, that's great. Publicity is necessary to win and educate people about who we are. Adam you say this kind of thing can only done under special circumstances. Please! The right is always so prissy about their image. We should worry more about reaching people's hearts. Good, hardworking people in this country are suffering; we've got to make our case any way we can. Everything is against us, schools, colleges, and the media. We can't afford to be fussy. I can hardly convince my own son that there is any virtue in the Republican party. I need some help, we all do."

Are we so morally elevated, so holier than the Democrats, that we scorn pure publicity, as if it's not okay to do anything and everything to win the hearts and minds and educate the public as to who we are and what we stand for? Must we always act as if our cause should speak for itself? I think we're just out of practice. Actor Ronald Reagan had no trouble with publicity or appearing on stage and in movies, making the case for his kind of world view.

My advice: Get out there in the public square, get down and dirty, talk, tell your stories, make people laugh, make people cry and win their love for you, and their admiration because you've put your own heartfelt self on the line. There is no shame in publicizing and bringing attention to what you truly believe in. It isn't easy, you will fail and make a fool of yourself sometimes, but even that is a winning trait, because people know that you cared so much about them that you didn't let your vanity stand in the way of trying to inform them.

@Gingrich_of_PA  Adam Gingrich

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Laura Loomer, Julius Caesar, Assassinatin Porn Update

The Twitter action on Laura Loomer's storming the staged play of Julius Caesar at Shakespeare in the Park has been epic. 

Laura's interview points that I love:

This play is a bastardization of Shakespeare because it celebrates the assassination, and ignores the Hamlet like struggle of Brutus before and after he kills Caesar.

It's assassination Porn. Liberals are attending only to enjoy seeing a Trump lookalike get assassinated. 

Shakespeare himself says "These violent delights have violent ends."

I agree with her completely.

"Never Trumper" Ben Shapiro and his ilk, who as Loomer points out in her interview, want Trump gone just as much as Democrats do, opined that Loomer was wrong because people have paid to see this play.

Yes, he did miss the paying part because Shakespeare in the Park is and always has been free, performed in the open air, just line up to get a ticket. So no, nobody paid to see anybody. 

The truth is this production was deliberately provocative and inviting a response. They got more than they bargained for in the FABULOUS LAURA LOOMER.

Others on the left have pointed out there was a production of Caesar at the famous Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis starring a black actor.  “Julius Caesar resembled Barack Obama that time,” she said of the previous production. “They have a right to protest, but why weren’t they upset about the black man being killed on stage? Why wasn’t that problematic for them?” (New York Times)

But that's a spurious comparison. The actor playing Caesar in the current Central Park production was blatantly tricked out to look exactly like Donald Trump. The actor at the Guthrie was merely a black actor playing Julius Caesar, who BTW was murdered by another black actor playing Brutus. Was the Brutus in the current Central Park Production tricked out to look like Chuck Schumer? Or Obama? No, the current Brutus was just another nondescript actor. 

If the current production of Julius Caesar had really cared about the play's actual theme of how violence destroys the souls and honor of those who commit it, they would have had the killers of Caesar dressed in Antifa costumes and Brutus would have been tricked out like some prominent Democrat.

Loomer is entirely correct in labeling this disgusting production purely and simply "assassination porn." 

I stand with Laura Loomer. She is a very gutsy woman who woke the conscience of a nation. We who love Trump owe her a debt of gratitude for protecting the life of our great President.

My final point is to ask for someone who has the money to start a PATRIOTIC PLAYERS group to tour the nation with patriotic plays that showcase some of the untold, wonderful stories of great Americans from every walk of life in our long and fascinating history. Loomer also has proved that THEATER is a very effective way to raise the moral consciousness of an audience, to inform, and to move people to think new thoughts and feel new feelings. 

Update: Listening to Youtube with Bill Mitchell and Jack Posobiec who was by chance at the Loomer performance, supporting and filming her, and evidently there were some people dressed as Antifa in the play even some Trump adlibs allusion (which show the production itself had no respect for classical Shakespeare). My question is did we see Antifa and the Democrat Brutus fall on their swords, defeated by their own violence? I doubt it. Loomer and Posobiec are right. Assassination porn.

Saturday, June 17, 2017



This is for my conservative friends who seem not be regular theatergoers, nor to understand the incredible intellectual and emotional power of live theater. There are many drama historians who believe that the invention of theater was key in the creation of the cultural flowering of Ancient Greece, enabling the separate tribes to rise from destructive vendettas and tribal feuds to the beauty of ideals like justice and mercy, and to viscerally comprehend concepts like violence has terrible consequences on individuals and nations.

I never realized how important it was to live in a town where live theater was something everyone did frequently, until I went to a touring Broadway show in Los Angeles. To say that it was painful to be a part of that LA audience is an understatement. LA is the capital of canned laughter, the machines laugh for you. As I found myself the only person laughing out loud, I realized that the Los Angelenos just didn't know how to respond to live theater, they'd had no practice.

One of the beauties of the theatrical experience is that you share the laughter and tears with a large group of people, the audience. Acting live on stage requires great daring. You are alone in front of people who are hungry to have an emotional experience and you have to dig deep to find the chords of speech and behavior that will play the music of the story.

But many shows and actors fail miserably at this. An old actor's saying is that actor's invented acting and audiences invented coughing. But it often gets worse. Catcalls, jeers, boos and, like the very popular movie review site, Rotten tomatoes being thrown was not uncommon. I was at a show once where the lead actor on stage turned to a noisy audience and cursed them out and told them to shut up before he would continue. He was playing Richard the Third, so he was perfectly in character, but perhaps not entirely justified. But we shut up. Theater is a two way street, and actors die up there without a responsive audience.

At the risk of sounding like the aging Sixties hippie that I am, theater is a happening. I used to work as the house manager at the Actor's Studio just so I could watch the same play for fourteen nights running. Every single night, it was a different performance that drew a different response from a different audience. Theater is a live animal and fascinating.

What Laura Loomer did onstage at the used-to-be aptly named Public Theater was a beautiful expression of the kind of fervid passion every real stage shows wants to elicit. The production of Julius Caesar was blatantly portraying Caesar as President Trump, INVITING, baiting all Trump lovers. They got a response which is just what they deserved. And unwittingly, they made Laura Loomer more famous than any of the actors in the play, who were only playing parts. Laura stole their thunder and stole the show. That happens. Some actors hate to work with darling unpredictable children because their spontaneity steals focus and there isn't a darn thing an actor can do but wait until the child is offstage.

Please remember theater is and must be live. It's totally different from movies and TV, which are experienced in a kind of solitary thoughtfulness. Theater is supposed to get the audience churning in their seats. Nobody wants an insipid show, we want to be excited. Laura Loomer was the most exciting person on stage in all of New York City. A STAR IS BORN.

SUPPORT LAURA LOOMER Contribute to her legal defense fund to fight Liberal persecution Laura Loomer Defense Fund

Friday, June 16, 2017


Shakespeare would be so happy to see real theater happen tonight at the Public Theater in Central Park when LAURA LOOMER got on stage and accused the crowd and production of glorifying assassination, specifically the assassination of Trump. We used to call it STREET THEATER. And it's the most exciting kind of theater, it challenges the audience to participate, and to respond. Live, exciting performance art happened at the Public tonight. (Someday I'll tell you about my street theater experiences. It's invigorating and scary) But Laura was really brave tonight in what she did getting up on stage and excoriating the audience for celebrating violence.

BRAVA LAURA LOOMER and BRAVO JACK POSOBIEC for showing the world that the denizens of Kekistan know how to play the theater game, too. 

THRILLING TO SEE THEATER DO WHAT IT WAS MEANT TO DO Raise the consciousness of the riotous groundlings!!! And boy did Laura and Jack do that!!!!

The left seems to think Shakespeare was celebrating the act of political assassination. No, Shakespeare was not a violent incendiary. In his day, violent incendiaries were drawn, quartered and had their entrails cut out and stuck in their mouths before their heads were cut off. So, no. his great and classic play Julius Caesar explored the consequences of human passions with a little more depth and breath of understanding than the ranting liberal thuggism on display at the Public. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Shakespeare in the Park - Julius Caesar played as if 
Trump was Caesar

What a travesty, what a bunch of thugs calling themselves actors who have mounted a production of Shakespeare's JULIUS CEASAR for Shakespeare in the Park, in New York City's Central Park are.

I am hardly a Shakespeare scholar, but even a cursory reading of the play shows what agonies of conscience Brutus endures and how he fights his egotistical jealousy of Caesar's power, before he commits his dreadful act of stabbing Caesar. But the director and actors doing this production seem not to have understood the end of the play, where the power of Caesar's ghostly spirit is enough to defeat his murderers. Dead, Caesar has become a power without blood, which cannot be stabbed out of existence. With their violence, they have brought about the very thing their act of murder was meant to end. 

From the end of the play:

Cassius: Caesar, thou art reveng'd
Even with the sword that kill'd thee."

(Cassius has his servant run him through with the very sword he used to stab Caesar.)

Brutus: "O Julius Caesar, thou art mighty yet!

"Thy spirit walks abroad and turns our swords
in our own proper entrails."

(Brutus also runs on sword and kills himself.)

Both Cassius and Brutus participated in the murder of Caesar, but are defeated at the end of the play and fall on their swords, not heroes, but treasonous, treacherous, egotistical failures.

"It is a tragedy when a nobility that might have led only follows, when it consents to be used by envious men for their base purposes." This is a comment on the noble Brutus brought low and manipulated by those who envy Caesar. Brutus' wife, Portia also kills herself. (The Meaning of Shakespeare, Harold C. Goddard)

What kind of Tyrant is Trump?

Yes, Shakespeare, like all right thinking men, was against tyranny, but to portray President Trump as a tyrant merely because he has been elected president is curiously revealing. The tyrannies Liberals seem most offended by are not acts of tyranny, like taking money from hard working tax payers without their consent. No, what they hate and envy most about Trump is his popularity. That the American people love Trump better than they love Liberals is what their hungry egos, much like Brutus', cannot bear and must destroy or be destroyed by.

You cannot seize the love of the people by violence, you must earn it by good deeds, understanding, and honesty. Liberals have too much contempt for their fellow man to practice any of those virtues. As their nemesis Trump would say, "Sad."

Wednesday, May 24, 2017



Halloween Druid Human Sacrifice

The Lefties are all worked up in self-righteous high dudgeon, worrying that the Manchester child massacre will cause more Islamophobia. Putting aside how strange it is that they always feel more for the outsider than for their own, yes, they are quite correct, it will create Islamophobia, fear of Islam and fear of Muslims. People fear rattlesnakes because their bite is deadly. Fear is a normal response to danger. This is why Trump has gone to Saudi Arabia to help Muslims deal with a terrible problem besetting their faith at this time: radicalization that leads to barbarous acts.

Barbarity can be an effective strategy for awhile, but it always ends badly for those who practice it and those who are associated with it. The Romans made a point of wiping out the Druids for their barbarous practice of brutal human sacrifice, even though the Druids were sacrificing their own people. If anyone was going to be sacrificed, the Roman state would administer its rough justice and prescribe death in the circus arena.

Some Native Americans regularly practiced savagely barbarous acts on their enemies, men, women and children, only exacerbating the fear and prejudice against them and justifying, in the minds of many of their frightened neighbors, their harsh treatment. Fear often overrides reason, pity and justice.

You cannot expect people to make fine distinctions about this Druid, or that Muslim, when they are living in fear for their lives.

Yes, all Muslims, with the help of their liberal apologists, have allowed themselves to be branded as heinous, savage, barbarous murderers in the minds of all who have witnessed their continuing atrocities. You can call it Islamophobia or whatever you want, but when you hear a rattlesnake rattle its tail, you get out of the way or you kill it. Survival is a basic human instinct, which liberals seem to be curiously ignoring for reasons they are not willing to own up to.

(I seem to be on an intermittent hiatus. Will write when I can, which for the next few months won't be often.)