Friday, February 16, 2018


10,000 year old Cheddar man of Cheddar England
Life span so short, Vitamin D deficiency may not have mattered
Or England was sunnier at that time.







at least that's my theory. 

(I'm republishing this from several years ago.)

  • I remember a class at Columbia University (I was at Barnard. This was a class across the street, with the boys.) in Evolutionary Biology.
  • We studied the relation of skin pigment to sun exposure. Tropical people have lots of pigment in the upper layers of their skin to protect them from skin cancer and deadly sunburns, but pigment in the upper layers lowers the skin's capacity for synthesizing Vitamin D. However, in the Tropical latitudes, the abundance of sun makes a Vitamin D deficiency highly unlikely.
  • Temperate Zone people have pigment that migrates up and down in response to sun exposure for the same reasons.
  • IRISH PEOPLE, like me, have skin whose pigment NEVER rises into the upper skin levels.
  • WHY SHOULD THE IRISH LACK PIGMENT in the upper skin levels? Is there something so important in sunlight that to be even slightly tan for a day or two in Ireland's sunless climate leads to a death too early to breed and pass on the taning gene?
  • IRELAND is very far north, roughly the same latitude as Sitka Alaska, and thus even the summer sun is weak; in winter daylight sinks to 7 1/2 hours per day, and the misty isles of Ireland are in the middle of the stormy, northern Atlantic, with lots of overcast skies.
  • On the JERSEY SHORE, in my youth, everyone striped down to bathing suits and got gloriously tan. Even my mother's Swedish friend. I had to be covered up, swim in a tee shirt and hat. And even then, I usually got some painful sunburn somewhere, my nose, my arms, my feet, the back of my neck. WHY WOULD ANYONE HAVE SKIN THAT COULD NEVER TAN???? IT'S PRACTICALLY A FATAL CONDITION. 
  • In the 9th Century, (800 AD) and on, the Vikings raided Ireland and settled it extensively. And yet by at least 2013, and most likely even earlier, there are no GOLDEN TAN SWEDISH MODEL TYPES in Ireland. No, very quickly those with the gene that lets you tan were WIPED OUT COMPLETELY.  The tanned, golden Swedish, Norwegian, Danish Viking types who conquered Ireland must have died in great numbers before they could pass along their tanning gene, leaving only those descendants who had the 'no tan gene', which seems to be associated with red hair.
  • SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT. If an IRISH PERSON, living in a land with absolutely minimal sun, gets even lightly tan, even briefly, they die before they can pass on that gene. 
  • Research shows a connection between cancer tumors and Vitamin D deficiency.
  • DOES THE INTRODUCTION OF SPF, which inhibits the skin from producing Vitamin D, combined with the dietary exclusion of high Vitamin D containing foods, CREAM, BUTTER AND EGGS, to lower cholesterol, provide some insight into the rise of breast cancer after 1980?
  • Why did breast cancer rates begin to rise significantly around 1980, the same year that SPF sunscreen became widely available from Coppertone?
  • Why did only one of my mother's, (born in 1923), friends die of breast cancer, and that one was a woman whose mother, grandmother and sister had died of it also. They had the breast cancer gene, which is pretty rare.
  • Why did NONE of my mother's other friends and sisters, (2) who were all quite overweight, had a babies at forty, drank regularly, rarely ate fish, fresh fruit or vegetables, ate butter, cookies, eggs, fried food, some smoked,  none jogged or exercised, ever get breast cancer?
  • Why suddenly in my generation, (1950) and beyond, did so very many women get breast cancer?
  • Was it the difference in breast feeding habits? I found my mother's hospital record for breastfeeding me. She did it partially for six weeks. I can't imagine her friends were much different. Formula was practically required by doctors in those days.
  • I panicked about getting breast cancer. What can be causing this EPIDEMIC?
  • After panicking, I put together all the facts I could think of, even from my distant college past, and came up with my theory.
I'm writing this because of all the wonderful women who died of breast cancer and those of us who live in horrible fear of breast cancer. And for the lovers, husbands, and children who lost their precious women to this terrible disease. It's just my 'I WONDER'.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

You're Fired - Why Trump Was Elected

Had a discussion this morning with my son about the terrible tragedy in Parkland Florida. His observations are much more timely than mine, because he went to high school in the mid-2000’s. His view is that Trump was elected because America wanted him to say “You’re fired!” to all the people working in government and large corporations who don’t do their jobs, but never lose those great paying jobs with their huge benefit packages. Everyone at the Parkland school who had a position of responsibility, the county mental health workers at the mental health clinic the suspect was sent to, the police who knew he had problems, the FBI who were warned, all of them bear the responsibility for seventeen dead young people and should immediately be fired. Gone. They failed and they should be replaced. It’s not the system, it’s not the guns, it’s the people who didn’t do their job. You’re fired. How bad does it have to get before somebody is held responsible?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Excerpt from "A LITTLE DAILY WISDOM" Christian Women Mystics

Would you like to know your Lord's meaning?
Okay, then know it well. The Lord's meaning is love. Love is his only meaning.
Who shows this to you? Love.
What did He show you? Love.
And why does He show it to you? For love.
Stay in God's love, then and you'll learn more about its unconditional, unending, joyful nature. And you'll see for yourself, all manner of things will be well.

Julian of Norwich Revelations 1342-1416

(From my bedside favorite book A Little Daily Wisdom - Christian women mystics - translated by Carmen Acevedo Butcher)

Julian of Norwich

Monday, February 12, 2018


( As Lent approaches I plan to give up Freecell on my computer. Sounds trivial, but the satisfaction of putting things in order with cards is very pleasurable. Instead, I am going to try to put things in order with words, exclusively. I hope I don't drive myself and others crazy doing this. This morning I searched for some new and positive topic to write on, but only nebulous ideas seemed available, so I found this from last year and thought that Lent is a good time to think about eternity, like the Egyptians.)

Just finished watching the first season of PLANET EGYPT on Amazon Prime. The documentary is the best one I have seen and gives a very good idea of what life was like in Ancient Egypt and some of the major turning points in Egyptian history.

But the last episode made me chuckle because it is so revealing of the default thinking of the modern ethos. It's called the Quest for Eternity. Here is the description. "From the days of the first Pharaoh's tombs to the end of their era, Egyptians were united by one burning desire: to extend their lives to all eternity. This is why they built the gigantic pyramids"

Yes, true, the huge tombs and pyramids are the manifestations of Egyptian belief in preparing for an eternal afterlife. And the documentary is careful to point out the economic benefits of this Eternity obsession, as if the pharaohs cynically went along with the decades of tomb building not because they believed in the afterlife, but because it kept their treasury full. Of course, this is the modern view of all religion. Moderns view religion as a quaint old way to rip off the peasants by scaring them.

How amusing to listen to the condescending appraisal of the core beliefs of Egypt, a civilization which the documentary itself points out lasted and prospered for thousands of years, much long than anything in modern history. But, prosperous and successful as they might have been, the modern mind finds the mainspring of their whole culture a cynical ploy. The Eternity Con.

It never seems to occur to modernists that the widely held faith in eternity, God and Gods, and the afterlife, which is found in every known civilization on earth, might actually have some basis in fact and experience. In other words, that something more than a fear of plague, drought and thunderstorms might undelay the universal belief in things eternal. Certainly the huge pyramids of Egypt are staggering proof that millions of Egyptians for thousands of years absolutely believed there was such a place.

Yes, we now have a great deal of knowledge of HOW things in nature work, but that does not answer the question of why. Science isn't about why. Politics isn't about why. Technology isn't about why. And the funny thing is those quaint old Egyptians had plenty of sophisticated science, politics and technology, but they also had a very sure sense of why. Maybe they weren't as simple minded as modernists make them out to be. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Red, red wine, it makes me feel so fine

(Reposting this from same time last year)
Around about this time of year, as I stare out my window at yet another snow storm which will cover my car in ice and snow that has to be dug out again, when it is so cold that if the battery turns over, it’s worth a thank you prayer to God, when my feet are cold, when it’s slippery as hell, when trying to get anywhere is risking your life, I never fail to be impressed that the Democrats managed to sell the idea of global warming as a VERY VERY BAD DANGEROUS PHENOMENON. I mean, come on, really?? Is there anyone anywhere in the world to whom the concept of endless summer doesn’t sound like paradise?

Nobody vacations in the Arctic, we go to the Caribbean or to Hawaii. We want to be with Bob Marley drinking red, red wine that makes us feel so fine, smoking ganja, sleeping in a hammock and listening to the gentle slap of warm tropical waters on sugar sand. I do. Don’t think I’ve ever met a single person who’d turn down a tropical vacation. Have you?

You really have to hand it to the Democrats. They are so good at scaring people and inspiring them to do things that contradict basic human instinct that I’m convinced they could make children hate ice cream, women give up jewelry, men learn to knit, and just about anything unpleasant and inhospitable, if they set their minds to it.

But let me tell you, though I’ll admit snow is darn pretty to look at, I’m happy with a few screen shots of Greenland, thank you very much. Bob, here I come. Fire up a doobie for me and let the reggae roll, man, get barefoot and be happy, the world is heading for endless summer. I can’t wait. If I leave my SUV engine running 24/7, can I make it come sooner?

Monday, August 7, 2017



Now really, this poor, sad fellow who worked at Google, (and if that isn't the stupidest name for a company, I don't know what is.) who actually ISN'T at The GOO FACTORY anymore because he is a man and not in the least subtle. Sad, really, but frankly he seems far too bright to work at the GOO FACTORY, because what he said actually made sense.

Anyhow, he opined how women were physiologically and psychologically different from men and, well, he might just as well have shown up for work with green hair and wearing his underwear, instead of his usual suit and tie. Only kidding, I'm sure green hair and skivvies are the required standard dress code at the GOO FACTORY. 

Here's the real scoop. I went to a coed high school, and we were all very well behaved ladies and gentlemen, well, by today's standards, anyway. My son has been to parties where people peed on other people's furniture and thought it was funny and many other disgusting things that are exactly what you'd expect from people with purple and green hair who wear their pj's to work. 

BUT, I went to Barnard College, when it was the all girl college of Columbia University, one of the 7 Sisters, Ivy league school. And I will remind you that the same number of girls applied to Barnard as men applied to Columbia, but Barnard only took half as many girls. So, do the math, if you can, it was twice as hard to get into Barnard as to get into Columbia. We were much smarter than the men and we knew it. Besides, we were also much prettier, even without make up. Men just aren't pretty, are they? With the exception of George Clooney, but a man that pretty just isn't normal, is it?

There were a few general classes, like Meteorology 101, and that kind of no brainer class, that men were allowed to register for to complete their science requirement. So it was really interesting to have men in the classroom again, after the glorious freedom of all girl classes. And it was astounding, and then hilarious.

The thing was when the professor asked a question, we girls always regarded it as more or less rhetorical, the professor was asking it just to make us think a little more deeply about some interesting problem. We all sat quietly and pondered the question. However, the men assumed that it was some sort of competition to see who knew the answer and who could get called on first to say their answer. There they all were, leaning forward, waving their hands in the air practically leaping out of their seats.

I mean, oh come on! Didn't these guys realize this was college? What fond, but pitying glances we  girls exchanged, shaking our heads to each other in sad forbearance at such absurd and childish behavior. Men, sweet, silly, thoughtless little puppies, so sure that to come up with an answer and to be called upon was the sine qua non of existence. 

We girls all knew and had always known, because two XX chromosomes make all the difference, don't you know, that life was much deeper, more ethically and morally challenging, more profound than anything anyone was likely to learn in a college classroom. But we studied, we aced it, just like the men, and we even had time left over to devise ways to get shiny swinging hair, defying the curls or limp lifeless strands we were stuck with. We poured over fashion magazines for ways to turn our figures, whatever they were, into sirenacious sex appeal. And this was not to please men, but to con them into marrying us and becoming slaves for life. I mean, come on? Girls today are clueless. They seem to think girls look good because of the patriarchy or some silly nonsense.

No, the way it's supposed to work is the smarter sex subdues the weaker sex into working their butts off to create a life of ease, all while doing her nails, talking on the phone and shopping. Duh!

I'm sure the poor fellow who got fired from the GOO FACTORY was one of those dear chaps who only wants to spend his days with his nose to the grindstone doing algorithms, his evenings with his loving his wife, eating his dinner in peace, and his Saturday's figuring out how to motorize his son's skateboard or make a few extra bucks with his newly designed fish finder. 

I mean I like Google as much as the next person, but don't get between me and my favorite shoe store, buddy, or you're friggin toast. 

The GOO FACTORY and their blue haired ilk are so boringly over. I mean, COME ON??? 

(Can you tell I'm a French "vive la difference" fan? Casterline? Yeah, Huguenots, but that was about 300 years ago, so the fact that I love fashion, wine and gourmet cooking may just be accidental, but to be oversexed is perhaps a genetic predisposition that I'm simply stuck with. In my day, it was said that England produced sexy men and France produced sexy women. But what did we know back then? I can tell you what I didn't know, I didn't know the gender of oiseau, maison or any French noun. Only the French would care if a table was masculine or feminine. I mean come on! However, I want to make it clear that I personally have always preferred American men; they are smarter, better looking and way cooler than anything Europe or anywhere else ever produced. )